Sunday, August 17, 2008

Traveler Tomatoes Show Up

I think I've found the missing tomatoes. The Traveler Tomatoes are right there next to the oak tree. The Market Champions I think are coming up... in the middle of the cucumbers! I must have double planted that row. Well, all I can do is try to transplant the tomatoes. The cucumbers came up first so they own that row. Still no sign of the bell peppers. Or the red onions. Everything else has at least sent up a shoot or two, so that's kind of gratifying. No veggies yet. I'm very eager for pumpkins so we can have one or two for Halloween. Lots of buds on the squash but if they continue to open one at a time they won't pollinate and I won't get any squash. Got a bloom on the cantelope. The season is all wrong but it will be interesting to see what happens - will I get fruit? Will it ripen before it gets cold? One of the black krim tomato plants fell over and looks bad. Root rot? I may have overwatered. There are spots of mushroom fungi in the garden. I'm going to prop up the tomato plant and put some root stimulator on the base to see what happens.
Oh, and I finally made a good mozzarella! A lady was making fresh mozzarella at HEB and I stopped to watch. They don't make it from milk - they get the curds with the rennet already in it and just add warm water, then knead it. But I learned a lot watching her knead the cheese so I came home and tried again, with reconstituted dry milk and half-and-half. And it turned out very smooth and nice. I think the next batch will be even better. Other than the kneading I think I was overheating the curds.
News on the lemon tree front. The Meyer lemon tree has not grown very much at all in the three years I've had it. My neighbor Joe also has a Meyer lemon and his has grown a lot. He said he feeds it those citrus tree sticks so I got some and hammered in one for each lemon tree about three weeks ago. Lo and behold, the Meyer has sprouted lots of new green growth! I'm so pleased! I plan to espalier it over the porch entry.

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