Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall garden

I'm glad I live in a climate with a long summer and longer growing season but this is ridiculous. Temps back in the upper 90s and 100s this week. Weatherman says we may get a break next weekend, but what does that mean? Normal temps? High 80s? And, please God, some rain!

The garden is cleaned up, weeded and organic again, or at least as organic as it can be in a suburban yard. Who knows what lies beneath the nice organic dirt and mulch I've added?

Harvested yesterday: 6 oz asparagus, 4 lb sweet potatoes, 2 lb horseradish

I'm just now planting the seeds that should go in early September, but it's been too hot. It's still too hot but the daylight hours are getting shorter and that's part of what triggers the plants to flower. It's a touchy issue this year deciding when to plant.

Planting today: Scarlet Nantes carrots, Tomatillo Verde, Lipstick pimiento peppers, Snow Crown cauliflower, Di Cicco broccoli, and three varieties of Irish potatoes: red, white and purple. I'm putting the potatoes in a new garden on the southeast side of the house to try to keep the vines from taking over and shading the other veggies. Potatoes are a greedy garden crop.

Need to obtain artichoke, lettuce and cilantro seeds to plant soon. Should I try sugar cane?

Question: why do my onion sets and garlic never bulb?
Question: why does dill burn up and die so quickly? I've tried shade, sun, water, less water, pot plants, garden plants, seed starts, plant start. <*sigh*>
Question: why do Brussels sprouts never flower in my garden?

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Mardee said...

4 more pounds of sweet potato surprises today!