Sunday, September 7, 2008

No vacancies in the garden

I've had to put some plants in overflow spots! We'll see how they do in regular, not-very-special flowerbeds.

Picked two pomegranets when I saw one had split and fallen on the ground. Will probably harvest the rest this week.

Notes from the plant tags and seed envelopes planted today:
  • Broccoli De Cicco - days to germination 5-17. Days to harvest 50-80. Plant n April and again in late June or early July for a fall crop. Thin for a final plant spacing of 15-18 inches apart in rows 2-3 feet apart. Broccoli likes cool weather and will head too early in warm temperatures.

  • Brussel sprouts Catskill - days to germination 5-17. Days to harvest 80-115. Like other Brassica they like well-prepared soil and thrive in cool weather. they require a lot of moisture in summer and can put up with some shade. Harvest from the bottom of the stock, up when the sprouts are 1 to 1/2 inches in diameter. Pinch back the growing tip in late summer to encourage the upper sprouts to develop.

  • Purple top white globe turnip - organic certified. Heirloom. 50 days cool season crop - plant in early spring or late summer. Can be eaten raw like an apple. Can be shredded or sliced fresh for salads or cooked like mashed potatoes. Greens are even more nutritious and considered one of the best flavors in the green category. days to emerge: 5-10. Don't thin for greens.

  • Superfantastic tomato - matures in 70 days. Fruit size 10 oz. Full sun.

  • California Wonder sweet bell pepper - matures in 75 days. Fruit size 4-6 oz. Full sun.

  • Swiss chard - matures in 55-65 days. Swiss chard is really a beet grown for its leaves. Cook leaves like spinach or prepare leaf stalks like asparagus. Harvest outer leaves when they reach 12" long. Well adapted to hot weather. Full sun.

  • Butter crunch lettuce - also called butter head. Matures in 70 days.

  • Rio Verde cabbage - matures in 79 days. Heads mature to best quality in cook weather. Harvest when firm.

  • Broccoli - matures in 40-70 days. Broccoli matures to its best qualidy during cook weather. Harvest buds before yellow flowers show.

  • Cauliflower - matures in 50-70 days. Tender and delicious pure white heads. Tie outer leaves over developing heads to prevent yellowing (blanching). Grows best in cool weather with dajmple water and fertilizer. Rotate all cabbage crops by 3 years.

  • Red Sails lettuce - matures in 40-45 days. Prefers fertile well-drained soil and cooker temperatures.

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