Thursday, September 11, 2008

Yike! Take a hike, Ike!

Oh, no! We've been saying for years we're due, we're due! and here it comes. Big ol' Hurricane Ike is about 30 hours away from a predicted landfall in Freeport, which puts us on the "dirty" side. Ike is bigger and pushing more tidewater than Katrina. As I write this he's still a Cat 2, 100 mph hurricane but predicted to become Cat 3 before landfall. It's a good thing he is so big, actually the size of the state of Texas and nearly filling the Gulf of Mexico - not enough room to really wind the winds up to Cat 4 or 5, which the center low pressure indicates could easily happen.
I'm afraid my sweet little garden isn't going to be able to withstand the 40-60 mph winds and 7-10" of rain that are predicted for The Woodlands. I took a couple of before pictures to compare with the aftermath Saturday evening or Sunday.

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