Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Garden in Transition

The plants react more to the changes in daylight hours than they do to changes in temperature at this time of year.

This is  a picture of young cauliflower and broccoli plants. They will start producing edibles sometime in late January and continue until the weather gets too warm for the florets to cluster.

The next picture is of a late season sweet pepper. There are several but with the colder nights not all may be able to mature in time.

Young carrot shoots. They will be long, fat and ready to pull in March.

This is what horseradish looks like above ground. Below ground it is a root that when shredded or ground produces a fine flavor for seasoning sauces and meats.

Purple and red potatoes have begun to sprout. It takes longer than seems reasonable for them to produce good sized potatoes. I don't expect to have any to eat from this bed until late summer. I do have sweet potatoes that will be ready to pull in February.

This last picture is titled Hope Springs Eternal. Watermelon seeds have sprouted in the compost pile, apparently unaware that the heat produced in the compost is not indicative of the actual season.

Coming soon: strawberry plants!

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