Monday, November 7, 2011

Lots and lots of cauliflower

The broccoli didn't come up in the quantities that I planted. What the heck? So, I decided to buy plants to supplement the patchy seedlings that did sprout. Went to the usual nurseries - nada. It's still growing season in Houston so why do they think all we want to put in the ground are mums?

Drove across town to Wabash Feed Store and they had loads of small organic cauliflower plants in the exact variety I wanted - Snow Crown - but no broccoli. Well, I love cauliflower so I bought a flat and planted them Sunday afternoon and I've got to say it looks a whole lot better to see all that caulflower growing in the broccoli bed than empty dirt. Cross your fingers that they stay healthy and produce flowers. I'll share!

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